Affordable Web Design Ltd is a Kelowna based web design and development firm offering great prices for all your web needs.

Who We Are

Affordable Web Design Ltd is a Canadian web development firm headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia. We offer low cost, professional full-time, full-service web design across North America. We have been creating websites at affordable prices since early 1996, and constantly keep up with web innovation and change, while still staying extremely competitive from a price point of view. We help our clients every steps of the way: we don't expect you to be web experts - that's why you hire us!(buzz word: "Customer Service", "Beyond the Norm").

What makes us different?

Many people who call themselves web designers use premade templates created by others. We don't. We build our websites "from scratch" so that they have the flexibility you deserve, not just some one-size-fits-all layout, still keeping our costs as low as possible. You run your business in your own unique way, so why would you want your business website to look like thousands of others out there? And while we're creating your custom design, we add in all the important "stuff" to help you be found through internet searches, at no extra cost (buzz word: SEO, Search Engine Optimization)!

Affordable Web Network is a division of Affordable Web Design Ltd, offering great prices for all your web development.