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Our website projects are focused on YOUR needs! Many people who offer web design services use premade templates such as Wordpress or other template-based premade designs. These one-size-fits-all templates are designed by web developers whose intent is to have these general designs simply adapted by whoever is working on the website. The web person can then add text and pictures to focus on your business but the background code may not as effective for each business as a fully customized design based on the client's specific needs, all "hand coded" to focus just on your products or services.

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Affordable Web Design Ltd does its best to make creating your new website as easy on you as possible. Although many people think that it is up to the web designer to write all the content and get all the pictures, it's not. Most web designers require you to give them all the text, images and layout you want in a "turnkey" manner, so you do all the prep work then they do the technical part.

We're different! We understand that small businesses know their own business but may not be knowledgeable in how best to express that information in a website. We do everything we can to help you - from guiding you on how best to divide up your web pages, to helping you with photos and enhancing your text. We can even write your whole text as an additional service if required!

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