Affordable Web Design Ltd has been offering professional web design and development services throughout Canada for almost 30 years.


Your success is our success!


When you hire Affordable Web Design Ltd, our mandate is to create effective designs, with easy to navigate layouts and attractive pages.

We realize that most businesses have no clue as to what to put into a web design or how best to display their business information, so we will help you through every step. Since it is your business, your input is of course necessary, but we will help divide up your information into an effective website layout, attractive pages with specific product or service information, without being too wordy.

Unless you have professional looking images, we will research the most effective and colourful images on your behalf, so as to make your new website as attractive to your potential customers as possible. The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" never been truer than in web design!

Affordable Web Design Ltd has been helping businesses succeed by creating effective websites to promote their businesses since 1996.

We love what we do, and it shows!

Why choose Affordable Web Design Ltd to help you with all your web requirements? Our web design business began in 1996 with the express purpose of offering affordable web designs to small businesses, keeping our pricing as low as we could while still offering professional websites. And we still do this today!

There is a fine line between "cheap" and low cost: cheap designs are mostly ineffecive. Our pricing is very competitive, usually lower than our professional competitors. However since our mandate is to create effective websites, we take the time to find the most suitable images, to incorporate effective Search Engine Optimization techniques into our designs, to make our websites informative and easy to navigate. We also offer personal service by assisting our clients through every step of the web development process.

When our team of expert web designers and developers create your custom website "from scratch" every part of the website is specifically made just for you and your business. The background code, the text, the images, the search engine optimization (SEO), the layout... everything is geared to just your business, your services and your products.