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Affordable Web Design Ltd is a Canadian company with two sales offices to serve you: Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and Airdrie, situated just north of Calgary, Alberta. Because of today's modern technology, we are able to serve any community anywhere in Canada with great custom designs at very affordable costs!

Since our services are internet based, our business model allows us to keep our rates as low as possible. Instead of having offices with large monthly rents, our individual team members work from their own premises. This helps keep business costs down, so that we can continue offering great prices for superb quality work.

Our initial free consultation is by phone, and project consultations can be either by phone or video conferencing over Skype, Zoom or Google Meet.

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Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

All our appointments are either by phone or by video conferencing.

Initial Free Consultation

Affordable Web Design Ltd is happy to offer a free initial phone consultation in order to discuss your needs and receive an estimate based on your stated requirements. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a phone meeting.

Project Consultation

Once the web project has begun, it is often necessary to contact one another for more information or explanations. Our consultation methods are as follows:

Phone Consultations

  • Kelowna Area Sales Office: 250-762-5987 from 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time Monday to Friday.
  • Calgary Area Sales Office: 403-968-3163 from 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time Monday to Friday.

Skype/Zoom/Google Meet Consultations:

  • There are now several different video conferencing platforms where not only can we speak together, we can also share our screen so that we can show you various samples of websites, layouts and more, or you can show us ones that you like.
  • Contact us to arrange a teleconference meeting!


Please note that project consultations form part of the overall project time, as estimated in our initial quote.


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