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One-time Setup Fee $849.99
Monthly Fee $84.99 (includes our monthly hosting fee)

Save 10% (approx.$100) when the applicable monthly fee is paid on a yearly basis, in advance.

This basic store is great for small businesses with fairly small inventories. These type of stores are best suited to selling products with fixed pricing, where applicable taxes and shipping are included in the displayed pricing.


Online Merchant Account: setting this up is the responsibility of the website owner.

  • This is your online bank account where all monies are deposited once they are paid by your customers through the online payment system.
  • Paypal is a viable choice as an Online Merchant Provider as long as your pricing includes applicable taxes and shipping costs. As a U.S. based platform, it is not suitable for calculating the Canadian multi-tier taxation structures.
  • Part of setting up your account is tying the online merchant account in with your bank account at whatever financial institution you use.
  • Once you have set up your account, we will do the technical part to tie in the payment gateway to your website.

Online stores are the new norm for many businesses wanting to sell products but they are not as easy as it sounds.
Starter Store - What We Do For You

We use a Wordpress theme to build these starter stores. Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms for adding online payment capabilities. It offers a lot of elements to make your website as functional as possible.

  • Since Wordpress themes are just overall frameworks, we will ensure that the layout best reflects your specific business.
  • We will incorporate the code necessary to create your store, and help it accept online payments.
  • This is a basic store setup, based on a lower amount of hours to set up. If you need more functionality which greatly increases the setup time, please check out our Online Store- Silver Package.
Store Owner Responsibility

Anyone creating an online store needs to take care of certain aspects themselves. This applies to all stores, whether DIY through one of the online website builders or created by professionals:

  • You upload your own store data (product information such as pricing, description, images, etc.)
  • You need to have at least basic knowledge of how to work with images, how to write product descriptions, and how to follow the Wordpress dashboard.
  • You need to set up a Paypal online merchant account (this is your banking information).

Need more than just a basic Wordpress store as described above? If you need to be able to apply taxes, shipping, specials, coupons and more, our Silver package will be best for you.

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a basic store package with the small business budget in mind!
Our Affordable Web Design Ltd Silver Package is our most popular store package.
Our Affordable Web Design Ltd will completely customize a specialized store for you.