Affordable Web Design Ltd offers effective custom stores to accommodate your specific requirements


Custom Build
Enhanced Programming With Online Payment

Our Gold package offers complex websites which are either above and beyond what a Wordpress template can do, or if the client does not want to use Wordpress.

We will create a "front end" informational website which displays information about your products, and which includes "all the bells and whistles" to help you be found through internet searches.

We will create a " back end" using modern programming technologies to incorporate your requested functions.

Online stores are the new norm for many businesses wanting to sell products but they are not as easy as it sounds.
Gold Level - What We Do For You

We custom create your website from scratch.

  • If your project requires functions that are specific to your business, we are happy to discuss your needs.
  • The information shown on our Advanced Programming page forms the base of this package.
  • We also incorporate payment capabilities, usually using the Stripe platform unless otherwise requested. Since this package is flexible and is based on your own requirements, we will discuss all details with you before we can give you as accurate an estimate as possible.
Store Owner Responsibility

As with any online store, the following steps apply:

  • The store owner is responsible for uploading all store data, such as product pricing, description, images, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of how to work with images, how to write product descriptions, and how to follow the instructions on how to use our customized dashboard is required.
  • You need to set up your Stripe online merchant account (this is your banking information) but we will do the technical aspect to tie everything into the website.

We are flexible with regards to helping our clients add more functions when needed, however if your additonal needs necessitate additional time, the extra time cost will be added to the original project estimate.

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a basic store package with the small business budget in mind!
Our Affordable Web Design Ltd Silver Package is our most popular store package.
Our Affordable Web Design Ltd will completely customize a specialized store for you.