Affordable Web Design Ltd is a full-time Canadian professional Web Design and Development firm with offices in Kelowna and Calgary.

No hidden fees or other surprises

Cost Estimates - Custom Projects

Our web work estimates depend on the time needed to fulfill your requirements, based on our experience of similar projects. We rely on your initial explanation of needs to come up with an accurate estimate upon which our project invoice is based. Changes or additions to originally explained requirements will in all likelihhood affect the original cost estimate.

  • Our estimates are based on what is considered "average" for an informational website: a total of 21 hours of project time, a maximum of 3 images per page and about 10 pages of content provided by the client in a "turnkey"manner.
  • A maximum of 3 images per page and about 10 pages of content are what is considered "average"
  • Our original estimate is based on receiving all content once only. Although we are happy to revise the client's initial content, any required change or addition will increase the time needed. All costs are based on our current hourly fee, based on the time it takes to make the changes.
  • Extras such as our content writing services, stores, other programming, special graphics, logos, additional images, additional pages over and above the average number of pages upon which the initial estimate is based, the time charge will vary according to those specific needs.

Cost Estimates - Starter Designs

The quoted price for our starter sites are based on a small static website whose purpose is to help small businesses have an online "brochure" type of web presence. They do not contain the same elements as our custom sites, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a large number of images or photo galleries.

Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

The first hour of the initial consultation between the client and Affordable Web Design Ltd is free. This applies to in-office meetings and telephone or Skype conversations.

Discussion of specific elements of the web design or development project is part of the project and is included in the initial overall project estimate. This includes telephone conversations, emails and office visits, not including the initial free consultation after the initial consultation time.

Payment Schedule

Payments may be made by E-transfers, Visa, Master Card and company cheques. Once the client agrees to use our services, the deposit amount as per the schedule below will be payable before the commencement of any work on a project.

  • For designs which have been estimated at up to $2200.00 + applicable tax for the design portion of the project, we require payment equal to the estimated amount in full, including applicable taxes.
  • All amounts quoted for the "programming" portion of any project are due in full before we begin.
  • For designs which have been estimated at over $2200.00 for the design component of the project, we require a deposit of $2200.00 + 1/2 of the remainder of the estimated design cost plus applicable taxes on that portion.
  • The balance of the remaining amount is then due within 7 calendar days from our announced day of completion of your project.
  • Non-refundable domain name registration fees are paid out on your behalf to a third party provider and are payable immediately upon receipt of our invoice.
  • Non-refundable yearly hosting services are paid out on your behalf to a third party provider and are payable immediately upon receipt of our invoice.
  • Purchases from third party online photo websites are paid out on your behalf and are payable immediately upon receipt of your invoice.
  • Should project completion be delayed beyond 4 weeks from the date the deposit was received due to the client's inability to provide us with all necessary information for whatever reason within that timeframe, we will generate an invoice to cover any accrued time beyond the time covered by the initial deposit, which payment will then be due upon receipt of invoice. We will continue the project at a later date when the client is ready to proceed. Deposits are not refundable and will be applied towards the project costs once the project resumes.
  • Any credit on file for your account will be applied towards future work for the same client within one year from the initial project start. Credits are not transferable.