Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you with Content Writing services.


Content writing is a lot more than just putting some words on a page!

A website today is undoubtedly one of the most important advertising venues you can have! However, most people just don't realize how much actually goes into the creation of an effective website.

As part of our custom website services, Affordable Web Design Ltd will help business owners organize their overall layout into different pages so that people can easily navigate the pages and find the information they are looking for. Inb addition, as long as the business owner provides at least point-form information about their company and about their products and/or services, we can enhance that information, add attractive images to your pages in order to highlight the content of that page.

Full Service Content Writing

If a business owner is unable to write their content, we offer a full website content writing service. As an example of how much time this takes, an average website usually takes about an hour per page. Based on our usual basic custom website of about 10 pages, this would be a 10-hour extra fee based on our hourly rate.

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers social media assistance to our existing or new  website customers.
How it works
  • We will verbally interview you - business owners are very happy to explain their services to potential customers, and they simply need to do the same thing when talking to us as website content writers.
  • We will research professional photos sold by online photo websites (cost of photos usually included in our services).
  • We will organize all your information into attractive layouts and add related images to make your pages informative for potential customers.
  • Once this is done, then our normal website creation services will also come into play.
Social Media is a buzz word that can be confusing.  Discuss your needs with us and we will guide you as to whether a Social Media presence would benefit your business.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers many different technical services, such as hosting and domain name registration.
Affordable Web Design Ltd can design an effective logo for you.
Affordable Web Design Ltd can design an effective logo for you.
Affordable Web Design Ltd can design marketing material for you.