Affordable Web Design Ltd offers full-website content writing whenever a site owner is unable to write their content themselves.

Content Writing


Content writing is a lot more than just putting some words on a page!

A website today is undoubtedly one of the most important advertising venues you can have today! However, most people just don't realize how much actually goes into the creation of an effective website. Here are just a few important points to keep in mind!

  1. Dividing content into different pages: ever been to a website where the information is all over the place and hard to follow? That's one of the main mistakes people make when adding content to a website.
  2. Grouping information: it is important to keep similar information together. If you talk about the same subject in many different pages, it can get confusing to viewers.
  3. Incorporating keywords into your content: search engines such as Google look for relevant content in your pages in order to " rank" your website.
  4. Avoiding wordiness: short and sweet is the best way to display your text. Keep in mind that a majority of viewers are using phones, so a lot of text is a real turnoff!
  5. Repetition of content is a big NO! Google and other search engines will actually blacklist websites where the same content is repeated over the over.
  6. Copying content from another website - plagiarism checkers are available on the internet to help check for repetition of content and taking someone else's content is another big NO! Same goes for taking pictures from Google - many of those photos are copywritten and should never be used.
  7. Images are an important factor in any website. Buying professional images from online photo websites is highly recommended. Unless you are a professional photographer or have access to one, keeping your own pictures for a photo gallery or two on your website is the best use of non-professional photos.
Whether you need just a bit of content help or a lot, our Affordable Web Design Ltd team is here to help you!


Included as part of our estimate in our custom websites

As part of our custom website services, we will help business owners organize their content into different pages to display information about their business. As long as the business provides at least point-form information, we can enhance that information, add attractive images to your pages in order to highlight the content of that page.


If the business needs more than just basic writing help, Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a full content-writing service. For people interested in having us write the content, we can discuss the cost of this additional service based on your requirements. It has been our experience that content writing usually averages about an hour per page.

How it works

  • We will verbally interview you - business owners are very happy to explain their services to potential customers, and they simply need to do the same thing when talking to us as website content writers.
  • We will research professional photos sold by online photo websites (cost of photos not included in our services).
  • We will organize all your information into attractive layouts and add related images to make your pages informative for potential customers.
Let's discuss your requirements to determine whether you need a little extra help with gathering and writing your website content or whether you need our full content writing service.