As part of our one-stop-shop service, Affordable Web Design Ltd offers logo designs to suit your budget.

Logos & Graphics


Branding is the process of creating a distinct identity for your business.

Getting your message across to consumers will no doubt help enhance your bottom line. Designing a professional-looking logo should be an important first step in your business marketing plan.

The overall look of your website, social media pages, blogs, etc, should also be a very strategic part of that marketing plan. Incorporating vivid colours that catch the attention of your target audience, taglines that they can remember, interesting facts about your business, catchy images to help them visualize your services ... all of these come together to help you bring in more business.

Our AWD team will discuss the best kind of logo for you, based on your budget.


  • Visuals that people can remember are important. If your don't have a logo, then there is nothing visual to identify your business with.
  • You probably won't expect to have your brand stand out like the "Big Guys" but having a logo that expresses your business is still very helpful.
  • Your logo on all your different marketing, from print material to websites, to vehicles out on the road, will increase your recognition factor in the eyes of consumers.

When you hire one of our graphic artists, you are getting an experienced designer who can create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate your specific market.

We offer many choices of logo designs based on your budget.


  • Brand recognition can help increase your business so it is important to choose a logo design that reflects your business in a positive way.
  • Logos can simply be stylized font, or they can be complex blends of graphics and text.
  • The cost of a logo is dependent on how simple or how complex you'd like it to be. The more elements in a logo, the longer it takes to create.
  • A simple text logo can take as little as one hour, but a more complex logo can take many hours, depending on a lot of factors.
  • We will be able to give you an estimate once we discuss your requirements.
Contact Affordable Web Design Ltd to discuss your budget and plans for a logo.