Social Media

We can set up your social media pages for you!

For those who don't want to set up their social media pages themselves, we can do it for you. Many clients can easily maintain their social media pages once we set them up for them, but we can also do that for you on a monthly basis as well!

Different social media platforms can be beneficial to you and it all depends on the type of business you run and the demographics of your potential clientele.

  • Facebook (for business, called Pages) is a popular social media platform for most small businesses.
  • Instagram is quite popular if your product or service is very visual. Using Instagram may give your business a boost by allowing you to post a lot of pictures of your products or services.
  • Twitter is used more for political and societal discussion and doesn't usually work all that well as a help to individual businesses.
  • Social Media is not meant to replace a well-made website when trying to be found through internet searches. All the additional features we put into a website to help it rank highly are still needed. However, social media presence can certainly add to awareness about your product, and encourage people to visit your website.
  • Many social media platforms, such as Facebook, now offer paid advertising campaigns, but this is completely separate from Google Ad Words or any other type of advertising offered for websites. It comes down to a matter of the more exposure for your business, the better it could be for you, although of course there are never any guarantees!
  • The most important step to take with any social media platform is to constantly keep it up-to-date. If you don't think you'll have the time to do that, then you need to consider either hiring a social media person (yes Affordable Web Design Ltd offers maintenance of your existing social media pages)

Account Maintenance
Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

You can look after your own social media pages, or we can! We offer Monthly Maintenance which includes services such as writing posts, coordinating your advertising through Facebook if needed, and more.

Setting up your social media accounts.

Setting up a social media account can be confusing. For certain social media platforms, there is a difference between setting up a business page versus a personal page.

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers social media page setup as an added service for clients who either may find it difficult or who don't have the time to do it themselves.

  • One-time set up of accounts on various social media platforms.
  • Cost is determined on a per-case basis because it depends on many different factors, such as
    • what different social media accounts you would like us to set up? Facebook, Instagram, etc?
    • do you have any current accounts and are they set up as "personal" or "business pages"
    • do you remember your login information or do we have to reset your passwords?
    • do you want us to populate images either as supplied by you or available from the website we created for you?

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you with regards to social media pages.