As part of your yearly hosting services, Affordable Web Design Ltd includes free emails associated with your domain name.

Free Email Services


Having an email associated with your domain name shows a high level of professionalism.

Your email account can be set up on all your devices at the same time: desktop, laptop, phone and more. An email associated with your website would look like this: myemail@mydomainname.,com.

  • Email associated with your domain name can give you more legitimacy than a generic email address such as Gmail or Hotmail (
  • Our free POP/IMAP email system is suitable to most businesses, unless they need specialized emails with additional features.
  • We include the set up of up to 5 email addresses at the time of the initial website setup. More emails can be added for a small additional fee.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers reliable email services as part of your yearly hosting service.


For those who need a more complex email system which includes a lot more features than a basic POP/IMAP email, a great alternative is called Google Workspace and as the name indicates, it is provided by Google.

There is a fee per email addresss, administered by Google (not the same as GMail). It allows you to still have an email associated with your website domain name. Some businesses require a more complex type of email system and when they do, we recommend this Google service since we only administer the POP/IMAP type through our server.

Google Workspace offers a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google. Formerly known as Google Apps and later "G Suite", the email associated with this sytem allows you to still use your own domain-related email address. You are still hosting through us but we just add some technical steps that allows your email to come directly through Google.

For the majority of our clients whose needs are well served by our free POP/IMAP email service, there is no need to consider Google Workspace.

As par of your hosting package, we include a free POP or IMAP email system.