Affordable Web Design Ltd offers website maintenance when you need it.



We can look after updates for web content, SEO, Social Media Pages, and more!

We do updates when you need them, and only charge for the time it takes.

  • A lot of web design companies charge a regular monthly fee for website maintenance.
  • At Affordable Web Design Ltd, there is no regular monthly fee for maintaining websites pages.
  • We only charge for the time it takes to update your site, whenever you need it, based on a 10 minute minimum. We aim to do all smaller updates within 48 hours of receiving your requests during the work week. Larger updates are still done as quickly as possible, but may take a little longer depending on what needs to be done.
  • Examples of website updates are changes of pictures, address changes, text changes, change of fee structures, etc. Maintaining store products is different and is the responsibility of the business owner.
  • We incorporate as many Search Engine Optimization parameters as we can at the time we build the website, as part of the initial price of our custom designs. However it is highly recommended to make minor changes throughout your website on a regular basis to keep your content from going stale and falling in the search engine rankings.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers various options for web presence maintenance.


  • Social Media Pages: If you plan on having any social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others, it is crucial to update posts as often as possible for them to do you any good.
  • Website Self-Maintenance: For people with frequent updating needs, it may be best to choose a Content Management System such as Wordpress for the creation of your website. For those who don't plan to do a lot of changes, such as only once or twice a month, or even less, leaving the updates to us for a small fee is usually the best choice, since our custom websites do offer a lot of benefits and then we can do all the work for you.
  • Blogs: websites or blogs created using the Wordpress template based platform can be maintained in "plain English". However, looking after Wordpress content is not as easy as it sounds and can lead to extreme frustration for people who aren't familiar with working with pictures, such as sizing them, cropping them, etc, or who are not comfortable working within website pages.


  • Whether your online store is created in Wordpress or made using our custom store administration, please note that the uploading of your products is the responsibility of the store owner.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd is responsible for the custom store design, including our easy-to-use administration panel, or, if using Wordpress, then the complete setup of the store, in accordance with our initial discussions with our clients.
AWD offers website maintenance whenever you require it.