Yearly Hosting Services

Internet Visibility

A server is the technical equipment needed to make your website visible on the internet.

All hosting servers are not the same! What you get with Affordable Web Design Ltd when hosting your website through our affiliated server provider:

  • Affordable Web Design Ltd does not charge any additional fees to host databases (needed for E-stores or other type of programming).
  • We offer a POP email system at no extra charge and include up to 5 email addresses at the time of initial set up (although more are available if required).
  • Free SSL certificate to ensure security for your website on our server.
  • Because your website is secured under our server's SSL certificate, a "lock" icon will be displayed to show that your website is secure.
  • Nightly backup of all files, including all emails on our system.
  • Full statistics packages.

As part of our "One-Stop-Shop" concept, Affordable Web Design Ltd partners with a large Canadian based hosting provider to offer annual website and email server services.

  • We offer reliable service through our hosting partner, and our clients only need to deal with us for any hosting needs.
  • We bill out hosting fees by the year at $132 + GST, which equates CAD $11.00 per month.
  • Although some hosting services advertise slightly lower monthly fees, they will often charge extra for a lot of the services we include in our hosting packages.
  • We pay out to our third party hosting partner on your behalf before your service expiry date, for which we will then invoice you so that you never have to worry about overlooking a renewal which could make your website go down!

Hosting Services
Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you choose an effective  domain name for your business.

We help you every step of the way by looking after several technical aspects for you, including yearly renewal of your hosting services so that you don't need to remember when your hosting is due.