Incorporate A Blog

Blogs help keep your content updated

What is a Blog
The word "blog" comes from "web log" and is technology that allows non-technical people to upload information to the internet without needing any prior computer language knowledge.

Although there are free blog sites where you can upload information about your products and services, because these are not directly associated with your website, they are not an effective way to keep our website content from going stale without doing a lot of updates to your individual website pages.

A blog incorporated into your existing custom website is an easy way for a business owner to keep their site updated themselves, without touching the main pages and disturbing the effectiveness of the SEO elements incorporated into your custom website by professionals such as Affordable Web Design Ltd.

Wordpress Blog Component

When it comes to blogs, using a premade blog component from Wordpress allows our clients to add "posts" displaying current information about their business at a more cost-effective method than adding a Content Management System into their website to allow them to maintain all their website pages themselves.

We invite you to contact Affordable Web Design Ltd for more information on how adding a blog can help you!

Add A Blog
Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

Blogs allow you to add pages that you can update yourself, in addition to informative website pages.