Low Cost Starter Sites

We do all the work!

Are you very budget conscious but still want a professional looking web presence? Thought about those "Do-It-Yourself" type of sites but don't even want to try to do it yourself? Good choice - contrary to what they say in the ads, they are not as simple to work with as advertised.

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a starter website that could be just what you need! Our 4-page site is like a brochure that shows basic information about your business, but it's online so more people can see it. Our starter websites are ideal for the business that just needs an online presence for their existing clients to refer to, or who plan to use other type of advertising to drive readers to their website.


The Starter Website offers 4 pages of content. This is a "static" website where you send us any updates you want done over time, and we only charge you for the time it takes to do that update to the website that we created for you.

This package is based on receiving the following supplied from our clients in an electronic format (on a flash drive or in an email):

  • your logo
  • the titles you want for each page (example: HOME, ABOUT, SERVICES, CONTACT)
  • your contact Information
  • photos (usually maximum 3 to a page)
  • whatever short text you wish to submit per page.

We reserve the right to edit the content and images as given by the client in order to ensure a good fit into the pre-designed layout.

If you need more than just the very basics, we recommend that you visit our custom designs page to see how a customized website, which includes the necessary search engine parameters on all the pages, can still be cost effective for your business.

Starter Sites
Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

The purpose of these basic sites is to have an online brochures giving your customers some information about your service or product, as well as contact information so that they can easily find you. These sites are ideal for people running for office where their lawn signs will drive readership to their website.