Affordable Web Design Ltd offers cost effective custom websites that are a perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Custom Websites


Custom Designs Developed Just For You!

Our Affordable Web Design Ltd team creates the majority of our web projects from scratch. Although we will use template based designs such as Wordpress occasionally when specicfically requested by our client, we find that our custom websites are a great solution for most business web needs. Our designs reflect your products and services, and the " search engine optimization" is completely geared towards your business.

The standard within the web design industry is to require all text, all images and everything ready in a " turnkey" manner so that the designer just does the " technical stuff". We at Affordable Web Design Ltd recognize that most business owners are either not very web savvy or simply don't have the time to spend trying to put everything together, so we are very different in that regard.

Our custom designs often cost less than someone offering web design services using a premade template such as Wordpress. We estimate that an effective, attractive business website should be around 10 pages and takes about 25 hours to complete ($2500 + GST). This type of website appears to be quite successful for the majority of small to medium businesses using a website to showcase their business. Stores and other programming are extra.

Our Affordable Web Design Ltd team of professional web developers are ready to help you with an effective custom website design.


  • We incorporate the SEO requirements as published by the major search engines such as Google into your initial design at no extra cost. This helps you be found through internet searches when viewers put in major keywords while looking for certain products or services.
  • We look after your updates for you. Our customized websites are static web pages, which means that we will take care of all your updates for you for a nominal time charge. We only charge for the time it takes to do the update - there is no monthly maintenance fee.
  • Clients with stores or other administration-panel based functions in their website will be able to administer that part themselves. Plesea note that adding stores and such does substantially increase the amount of time and thus cost necessary to complete the project.
  • We will help you form a marketing plan, at no extra charge, in order to best expose your business to the world or to your neighbourhood, through your website design.
  • Our custom designs are easy to navigate, effective designs customized to attract your own "target market" - your business, your way!
  • We offer two options for content -
    • You write your own content but if you need help, we can enhance what you give us and there is usually no extra charge for this.
    • We can do all the writing for you, based on a verbal interview so that we can better understand your business and we only charge you for the extra time it takes to do so. A full website write-up on a 10-page site usually takes about one hour per page.


Some factors to add to your "basic" custom design in order to enhance your business marketing efforts and online presence are blogs and social media pages. We add a Wordpress component to your static custom design, so that you can look after your own blog content once it is set up. We can also create your business social media pages (different than personal pages) and once created, you can look after your own content if preferred. Contact us for pricing and more information on these additional services.

Let Affordable Web Design Ltd create the perfect custom website for your business at a reasonable cost.